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The dehydration section is equipped with the latest, modern and sophisticated fully automatic machinery.

Modern and sophisticated fully automatic machinery

The dehydration section is equipped with the latest, modern and sophisticated fully automatic machinery. It consists of three main production lines (stainless steel 304). Each production line consists of the following lines:

Preparation Line
Receiving and washing line (72 MT white peeled/fresh onion per day)
The fresh onions are received in a receiving area just in the front of factory building. It's inspected and peeled by hand with direct control on peeling and quality aspects, then the peeled onions reach to the receiving line with capacity 3.5 metric tons white onion per hour. Only pure tap water is used for washing without any other additives. After washing, then onions are sliced and automatically directed to the dehydration ovens.

Dehydration Line
3-stage belt dryer “NATIONAL AEROGLIDE” (11 MT dried onion per day)
Our highly advanced drying facility guarantees the highest quality. Our controlled drying process guarantees a very good microbiology. Because of this, our dried products maintains its right color, odor and taste.

Sorting Line
The dry product go through metal detectors and air blowers to separate thin white skin peals from their flakes. Finally, the product is sorted into different screens to produce different cut sizes, then the onions are packaged. Every batch is sampled and sent the laboratory for moisture and microbial testing. Really our machinery system enables us to produce highest quality of slices, flakes, and kibbled onions never touched by hand and immediately packed without any further processing.

The sorting line consists of the following major steps: air-separation system, sieving machine, laser/color sorting, magnets (12000 G), belt and metal detection (Ferrous 0.8 mm, Non-Ferrous 1.1 mm, Stainless Steel 1.2 mm).

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