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Packaging and Storage

The total space of the warehouse is 11,000 square meter with humidity level doesn’t exceed 65%.


The total space of the warehouse is 11,000 square meter. The final products are sealed in air tight PE bags to keep it safe from any further contamination. The PE bags are packed inside paper bags to make it a double bag packing. All products are stacked on plastic pallets to keep packed products out of contamination. The growth of microbes is restricted under the controlled environment.

We store our products in the right storage conditions facilities like air recycling system, dark lighting and good climate besides complete protection against contamination by insects. The humidity level doesn’t exceed 65% at the warehouse. Generally, prolonged storage with the preservation of the quality of our products can be assured. Healthy Foods Egypt warehouse utilizes bar-coding system that streamlines order processing and shipping accuracy and provides detailed daily inventory tracking.

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