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Hygiene & Quality Control

Healthy Foods Egypt strives to make sure that the most demanding hygienic standards are complied with.

suggestions periodically to improve products quality with the time. We keep our selves updated with the needs of industry and always try to serve customers with best quality.

The hygiene and sanitation are the utmost important that Healthy Foods Egypt considers. It begins with washing onions with water to proper packaging and storage. We do pest control process from time to time to ensure the factory free from insects.

All doors have closers and all windows have insect mats. The factory workers use glows, cap, apron and mask provided by the company to maintain hygienic standards. Pure drinking water and sanitation facilities are arranged out of the plant.

All our products undergo quality testing parameters of the in-house laboratory. The material is accepted only on satisfactory report by the quality control department which applies restricted quality standards comply with the international ones.

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